Create Local Variable In Shell Script

  • All variables are global by default.
  • Modifying a variable in a function changes it in the whole script. This could lead to issues.
  • local command can only be used within a function.
  • It makes the variable name have a visible scope restricted to that function and its children only.
  • All function variables are local. This is a good programming practice.


function install(){
    local myname="gaurav"
    echo "installing ${1}"

function configuration(){
    echo "config ${1}"

echo "first ${packageName}"
echo "myname = ${myname}"
install "${packageName}"
echo "myname = ${myname}"
echo "second ${packageName}"
configuration "${packageName}"
echo "third ${packageName}"


└─$ ./
first nginx
myname =
installing nginx
myname =
second nginx
config nginx
third tomcat

Demo Video

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