Shell Script Tutorial

What is Shell Script

A shell script is a list of commands in a computer program that is run by the Unix shell which is a command-line interpreter. A shell script usually has comments that describe the steps.

  • Allow you to run if-else statements and loops.
  • A file that contains a series of commands.
  • A plain text file.
  • It executes the command on each line, one line at a time.
  • The terminal usually allows just one command at a time.
  • Shell script allows you to combine and run multiple commands together

When do we need a shell script?

  • You need to enter multiple shell commands and you will need to do it again in the future.
  • If you know how a piece of work need to perform.. you can put that knowledge in a shell script
  • ShellScript eliminates repetitive tasks through automation.
  • Using a good script can reduce the change of error.
  • A shell script can perform a task faster than a human can.
  • You have to do a task more than once, but it's something that you rarely do.

Why use Shell

  • Speed of deployment
  • No worrying about low-level programming objects.
  • Ease and speed of learning.
  • Performance and efficiency.
  • Anything you can do on the command line can be automated by writing a shell script.
  • Can automate tedious or repetitive tasks.
  • allow you to hand off work to others.
  • Act as a form of documentation.
  • Fairly quick and easy to write.

Demo Video

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